Software Developer, Mechanical Designer.

I'm Ronnie Harmon, the visionary entrepreneur and founder of NullDaily LLC, a company dedicated to pioneering software excellence across various platforms. Our mission at NullDaily is clear: to revolutionize industries by creating innovative software solutions that empower individuals, foster transparency, and prioritize the public good. We aim to break through censorship, support those in need, and challenge profit-driven practices with technologies designed to make a positive, lasting impact on society. By day, I leverage my skills as a Mechanical Designer at ABEC, a global leader in integrated solutions for biopharmaceutical manufacturing. By night, I channel my passion for technology and innovation as the executive of NullDaily, striving to make the world a better place through open-sourced software and fostering a culture of creativity.

Introducing My Vision: Empowering Through Innovation

"Behind every closed door lies the potential to bypass censorship and open pathways to knowledge." Who Am I? Hello everyone! I'm Ronnie Harmon—a Mechanical Designer at ABEC by day and the driving force behind NullDaily LLC by night. My journey in technology began early, sparked by my grandfather's introduction to programming when I was just 11. This ignited a lifelong passion that led me to specialize in Mechanical Design, blending creativity with technical prowess. What Drives Me? At the


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    NullDaily LLC
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    Mechanical Designer
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    Backend Developer